Provide Cost-effective Solutions

CATS (Computing / Communication Ai Training Services) offers professional services in communications and AI based system designs and prototype designs training as well as related computer network installation and training etc.

A passion for wireless communications

Our comprehensive suite of professional services serves diverse clients, ranging from small-media size to large commercial developers.

Key Tech for 5G Wireless

Get up to speed with key topics such as cloud radio access networks, mobile
edge computing, full duplexing, massive MIMO, mmWave, NOMA, etc.

Edge Communications

M2M communications, the IoT, D2D communications, mobile data off-loading, interference mitigation techniques, visible light
communication, etc.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning tools for designing and developing machine learning systems, implementing appropriate ML algorithms, and conducting experiments.

Hardware Designs

The hardware development flow on an FPGA is similar to the register transfer level (RTL) coding and simulation of ASIC for verification, etc.

Software Designs

Specialized in embedded software. Embedded systems software is used to control machines and devices, communications networks, etc.

Systems Designs

Rich experiences in system design, for 5G wireless communications including architectural solutions, as well as porotype design, etc.

Results Oriented of Services

Our versatile services cover both technical design and project management make our professional services a unique player in the industry.

Technical Designs

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Modular Level Designs
  • System Level Designs
  • Customized Designs

Project Managements

  • Cost-Effective
  • Teamwork Oriented
  • Experienced Leaders
  • Flat Management Structure